Up Up & away with technology we will play!

And we’re off !!!!! Talking Tree Hill is amping itself up for our first Education Conference as part of BeTT Education tomorrow in London. Now this is exciting! As a young business this is a big brave move to put yourself out there so early in the game leaving the property for the month to research, chat about who we … Read More

Have you seen the Batt ?

This a great big appreciative post about an amazing storyteller whom I have the pleasure of creating with the lovely Tanya Batt ! I was first introduced to Tanya by my beautiful niece Anika whom has a love affair with her stories and whose beautiful mother sent me A Sack of Stories. A handy resource as a teacher and Mum … Read More

Go Zebez…go the kids.

It has been nearly a year of living on this beautiful Island and in a couple of months the first birthday of my company Zebez…a company dedicated to empowering children’s creativity. What a year of wonderful opportunities, experiences and change. It was an amazing feeling last week to be at the finale of the kids co-operative. As I watched the … Read More

Silly Wassily

Wassily Kandinsky one of my favourite abstract artists…the Kandinsky circles have been part of my own creativity since Mrs Crawfords art history classes in 7th form. If you look at the Zebez logo – my interpretation of the circles can be seen there with my favorite pattern and shape…paisley…glorious paisley how fabulous you are. Anyway the Kandinsky circles are a … Read More