Parent Information

Your Child/ren's Information

Feel free to contact me if you have any question!


Things to you need to know:
Your child will get dirty, may climb trees and gain some mild scratches and bruises when interacting with natural play here. They will feed and groom animals. Roll down hills.
On occasion we light fires and use knives for whittling in our playshops.
We have safety procedures and guidelines for all of this and have Current First Aid providers.
We create playshops on the farm, forest and bush here at Talking Tree Hill
They are allowed to be barefoot in the digging pit, mudslide and in the grass.


Our programmes may be filmed and photographed. Please indicate your consent for TTH to use the data gained for various mediums in future use: eg on website, blog, Facebook and Instagram. Images will be used with integrity and within the ethos of our establishment.
Includes swimming in the sea