Tuesday Bluesday…

Boo for Tuesday….for the past 12 years this has not been my day of choice. Not unlike Garfield with his dislike for Mondays I find Tuesday is an emotional day were decisions shouldn’t be made. If you have some kind of encounter with me on a Tuesday it would be good to disregard my actions and words. It all began really on a bleak and rainy London day when Monday had passed again in a simple blur and here I was crashing my way into Tuesday…bam I’m here or am I …who am I? Did I really do that? I wonder if anyone will remember… Well here I am again Tuesday give it your best shot. Or will you give it your best shot? Am I worth it? What does it all mean?
Blah blah at this stage I am sick of my own voice but, Tuesday why must you be so cruel?
Since Londons Tuesdays there have been a lot of changes; different countries, children, more money then again back to no money, zebez, friends, family and the spanning years of motherhood. Did these changes effect “blues day tuesday” and create it in to a loving supportive, heart warming day?…no, same old, same old, here you are Tuesday with your melancholic ways.
To coin a phrase I delighted in hearing today ” I feel one stamp short of a knife” so it is with great gusto that I am launching the new me a 100 days of Genuine Me…the fight against Tuesday blues day and my quest for self regulation.
Two quotes I learnt today from my clever friend Debra:
“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one” Astrid Alauda. My temple feels like a garbage disposal unit can’t be a good comparison…
Secondly, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn.
Right so this is it body here I come your basic biological needs are going to be met and next Tuesday I am going to check in with my friend Debs and tell her how pretty and clever I have been. Look how hopeful I am being on a Tuesday…yes I am eyeing you up “Wednesday Humpday” with glee.
Roll it our people the authentic me is on it’s way…starting with teaching children about one of
my favorite artists Kandinsky at the Red Shed Arts Collective tomorrow!
Bam… thank you to James for giving me the tools to start ranting…your a star.

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  1. Kirsten – you’re most welcome! It’s been a pleasure and a delight to have been able to work with you and with Phoebe to create something functional and beautiful.

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