Am I teaching? Perhaps it’s just magic

Talking Tree Hill

We’re so close to being open SO CLOSE its just a tick away from the local council. At the moment you will see us whipping around the island in Earl (pictured here)and Beryl. I love having their names and paisley glowing from their bonnets. This brings me great joy! Beryl (not pictured) is half hippie and a half A-Team van, which is a damn good cross section of my personality and that of Talking Tree Hill.

So what we up too?

Dutifully beavering away getting Talking Tree Hill sorted for our big launch weekend on the 20th of October is one thing. But also, we are doing some temporary events (can’t resist -need to be teaching) with a lovely bunch of homeschoolers and its TOTALLY amazing…to be teaching what I truely want to pass on to children is LIFECHANGING an incredible space to be in. BUT whats truely humbling is I’m constantly gob smacked by the notion “Am I teaching”? I know I’m still doing my planning, reflecting, resourcing, sorting provocations ya da ya da ya da the usual teaching yards…but I can’t quite shift the FEELING that I’m not really doing much…yes it’s weird!!! The response we’re getting from the children loving the animals, environment, DIYing, quietening their minds, creating and innovating is outrageous. I have had my best teaching day ever ! Now, thats saying something when you’ve been teaching for 20years.

So me thinks…there’s a little magic happening here which I felt the moment we stepped on to the property. We’ve had a true test of perseverance (a hard slog really) buying, resourcing and developing the space, but theres this underlying drive to do it, to keep going…and thats the magic. I see it in my kids and others who visit here. Freedom to run, move, slide and laugh. To be who they are, we are. I feel different and as a family we are striving for a different way “our way” of being a family, creating an ethos that manifests and resonates for the function of our educational facility. It’s a challenge and its a game changer. We live on site so it means we live and breath what were putting out there so we need to be true to the vision…as a family not just me. So theres changes happening all the time. Big fat positive ones, and navigational holy shit ones and oh my god were creating the epic schnizz ones!

And then there’s this…

We’re creating a formula/opinion perhaps a guiding theory about education and so far the equation looks like this….freedom + music + voice + outdoors + animals+ creativity + innovation + decent food + quiet minds = children’s joy= children’s education. My challenge is: Create the best damn educational formula that keeps children and the planet healthy. I know we all just want joyful lives so lets carve that life out now…magic wand please al la ca zam EASY, SNAP, DONE said no-one ever! It takes time, many people, communication and wonderful resourcing. Nothing is built in a day – and change is inevitable. Luckily we love change.

Ok cool now how the hell is your epic schnizz formula gonna do that lady? Hmmm lets start this process, and see what unfolds. We just want to do some really damn FABULOUS stuff with kids, for families, for the planet.

So here you have it…

Next month I am aiming (this is massive so Im doing what my good friend Debs says “be kind to yourself” – this translates as don’t press your usual achieve button straight down) to write my first essay on the purpose or the “why” of Talking Tree Hill. The ‘why’ here is HUGE and CHALLENGING and ESSENTIAL and will guide everything we do. Thank you Drewster for gently pushing me to do this you are a rock here (perhaps a tree would be more appropriate he he he) and without you we would be lost. So,this is a biggie, up close and personal and when its done you’ll know what were about….until then were just cutting through red tape and feeding the animals 🙂

Speak soon X

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