Our Eco-Passion Projects

At Talking Tree Hill to follow on from our currency of kindness practice, we have our eco-passion projects. These projects identify a particular need or urge that the children , the community or Talking Tree Hill might have.

Our outdoor environment is set up for “Natureal Education” (meaning natural and real educational experiences). We have researched and taken what pedagogys, philosophy’s or schools of thought we think are important and incorporated them on the property. That’s why we have a forest, bush, and farm school, makers and tinkering space, natural playground and DIY shed.

From these spaces and following the natureal urges of the children different projects (ie the mining area) evolve for both individuals and groups to direct and complete. Some projects are done in a day, a week a month, a term or even a year. We make sure we are balancing these projects so that we are giving back to ourselves, others or the planet. These projects are based on the interests and passions of the children with a healthy planet intention. 

Beginning in term 2 we decided it was time to focus on giving back to the planet.
Meaning what can we do in terms of giving back to our community and sustaining a healthy planet everyday?
We looked at how TThill operates and functions (in terms of building a zero waste educational facility for the future)  and then we designed a project to help us, and make the planet flourish.
So our first project is based around travel. We spend a chunk of time travelling to and from TThill. And from day 1 of opening we are proud of the minimal number of vehicles we use to transport up to 130 children a week ….but the next step is how can we be even better green consumers?

Enter the E-Van campaign… watch out Hyundai, Nissan and Tesla. Talking Tree Hills coming at ya !!
The children are beginning a 15 week campaign (time self chosen) to build awareness around our need for change ! So far they discussed creating a short movie, producing a song, building a trolley to participate in the Gulf News trolley derby and more..

We are now keeping a log book in the vans to measure the kms we’re travelling. Keeping a daily travel log for each vehicle, working out our diesel consumption and evaluating our need for electric vans.
The aim is to get the opportunity to send this campaign to Tesla, Nissan and Hyundai for green sponsorship !
We have community members coming on board to help us with this throughout these weeks who are specialists with go pros, producing  music, making movies and to build the trolley! So lots of sharing of skills and inter generational learning.

Phase 1 of building a trolley to race in the “Gulf News Trolley Derby” is now complete! It took 8 weeks to design, build and paint our van from recycled and repurposed materials. The children from all the programmes were involved – with the Nature School leading the project to make this most amazing vehicle. Race day was hilarious as we realised our beautiful van wasn’t the most aerodynamic machine but boy did we have a lot of heart ! A massive thank you to the TThill whanau for your support on the day and if anyone wants to help out with this campaign moving forward please get in touch ! We are now onto making the movie and music phase of our most excellent e-van campaign !

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