One Child One Tree…our educational campaign for giving X

Tomorrow is the big day were doing it…our very first planting day! We’re creating a shelter belt and the start of our tamariki orchard…perfectly situated beside the mudslide. I’m looking forward to the day I can watch the children take a slide in the mud get a little peckish and run to one of the trees for some kai. That will be a very good day for education.

A little background for you…

Deciding on our giving back campaign was tricky. There’s a lot we want to give. I wanted something that aligned whole heartedly with our purpose to grow healthy children and a healthy planet. Something that ooooozes education.

But then it seemed simple…we’re called Talking Tree Hill, trees give us SO much, simply put they keep children and the environment happy & healthy. I could go on and on about the educational and health benefits of trees (but at some stage I will need to sleep) and I know whoever is reading this gets it. Trees tick tick tick our boxes. The campaign needed to have educational substance & mean something to the people who come here, and the ones way way way in the future.

Soo here’s a little process…..

I’ve always admired how Toms shoes gives back. They’ve set ¬†such a positive benchmark for other businesses to follow. For every pair of shoes they make they gift another pair to a child that can’t afford & needs them. The success of their campaign is in it’s simplicity. So were mimicking that.

For every child that comes to Talking Tree Hill they will be gifted a tree. In our holiday programmes it’s planting seeds for them to grow & germinate in the greenhouse. At then end of each school term our Outdoor Awesomepreneurs, Home Schoolers, 1 Day Schoolers and Little Awesomepreneurs get a tree to plant.

First, its here at TTHill creating our tamariki gardens: our windbreak, orchard, duckpond and butterfly garden. Then its our olive and lemon lane. Natural hedges, live walls and a paisley and Dr Seuss garden all line up for our tamariki and their whanau to create with us. A time to connect, give back and honour ourselves and the planet. Once TTHill is sorted we will send trees to the community here and beyond. Tree education we love it!

Thank you Tane Mahuta, Ra and Papatuanuku tomorrow we honour you all and keep our fingers crossed that Tawhirimatea is gentle in the coming weeks with our gifts.