Go Zebez…go the kids.

It has been nearly a year of living on this beautiful Island and in a couple of months the first birthday of my company Zebez…a company dedicated to empowering children’s creativity.
What a year of wonderful opportunities, experiences and change. It was an amazing feeling last week to be at the finale of the kids co-operative. As I watched the premiere of our documentary “An Island of Creative Kids” I felt a strong sense of friendship, love and fulfillment. The representation of a dream and the journey so many people took to participate and manifest a vision. Life is ever changing and time does not stand still but in that instance, watching the screen and the children’s reactions to their creativity, time did stop for me. My heart however sounded like a timpani drum. It’s very humbling watching creativity blossom and heart breaking watching it get squashed. I love process and I appreciate a journey no matter how hard it is…my vision is that we allow children to create in their own way, we do not dictate what is right or wrong…it’s exhausting to keep pleasing people…let’s just do our own thing and be happy with it.

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