Viva la breastfeeding!


We are home after a wonderful time abroad connecting as a family and researching Tech Ed and breast feeding?! Now I wasn’t expecting the context of my first blog back to be about breast feeding but it is. I guess my assumption (lethal things those) was  to parade photos of us exploring the sites, eating bread and cheese till we pop and showing our admiration for Europe. Whilst we were in the throws of self indulgence and tech ed research gathering, breast feeding became “a thing”.


My stance on breast feeding is easy it’s awesome – if you can. I’m appalled in this day and age how ridiculous people still are about woman feeding in public…seriously no woman should be asked to feed a child in a toilet. “Excuse me Miss but I don’t think that’s appropriate in here”. In a restaurant, and I was using a cover…I took the cover off after that ‘Viva la breastfeeding’.


So this is what I noticed…

As the family went from different places including Leeds Castle, the Louve, Notre Dame and the Van Gogh museum something became very similar in the images I was seeing. Centuries of woman breast feeding in public. Painted or even gilded in gold…feeding their babies….beautifulness, and also to bloody right. I was totally impressed and also a bit taken a back that the female nurturing her child could possibly be seen as crude…which I’m sorry to say is very much still prevalent in our society today. It’s just weird.

When did this change? The introduction of formula? Mass marketing? The dairy Industry? Gina Ford Scheduling? The baby boomers? This has been what people have voiced to me….what do you think?

Any whooo it’s interesting what happens when you travel…As Sir James Dewar said “the mind is like a parachute it only functions when it’s open” and travel  definitely opens the mind. He also invented the vacuum flask so thats pretty cool. Frank Zappa said something very similar but he can’t claim the flask.

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